Our Story

Founded in 1976, Australia’s leading cotton label Orientique, is a fashion label synonymous with exclusive artistic prints, beautiful natural fabrics and good quality.

Orientique is different to most Fashion Labels

Unlike other Fashion labels, every Orientique garment starts at the very beginning of the garment stage - Fabric. Orientique weaves and knits its own fabrics from partnered mills ensuring the highest of quality fabric. Thread count, thread weight, GSM are all checked and tested before any printing is considered. The initial difference in any Orientique garment is the FABRIC. Where many fashion labels purchase fabric through their suppliers or simply purchase printed fabric - Orientique will never sacrifice fabric quality for price!

Every garment starts with fabric

Once fabric is checked and accepted it is then dispatched to each of our suppliers for washing and printing. Each Orientique print is generated from hand made art created either by the Orientique design base or Orientique Artists in Europe. You will never see an Orientique print on another label - every print has been created by us!

Orientique is committed to natural fibres

Orientique specialises in natural fabrics. Our “plant to garment” philosophy means that the cotton, linen and rayon used in all our garments has been carefully selected from some of the worlds finest mills and woven specifically for the Orientique production. Orientique proudly displays all natural garments with the distinctive “Orientique naturally Australian” tag.

With more than 600 stockists around the country and 2000 around the world, the Orientique team have their feet firmly planted in Australia. The Orientique Label continues to grow strongly in a tougher market with customer growth every year in Australia supported by growth in New Zealand, US, Canada, UK and Europe.

The Orientique design team works closely with artisans throughout Europe to create the mix of beautiful prints in each collection. Creative teams in Milan, Como, Paris and London are the primary source for each seasons’ fashion direction.

This combination of exquisite print and Orientique shape makes every Orientique garment something unique.

Orientique seasons

Orientique releases 2 collections a year, with the Summer collection built around cotton/rayon wovens and winter around cotton/rayon knits. Seasons are launched in the Orientique showrooms located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Supplying our retailers with Natural fabrics, beautiful prints, great shapes and a size range from 8 – 24, Orientique garments are made with the Australian woman in mind.

With Showrooms conveniently located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, our State Account Managers work tirelessly to service our retail customers, Orientique makes it easy for retailers to preview each seasons’ collection. If you are looking for a strategic advantage, contact us today!


Our Team

Orientique is a boutique business designed to support boutique businesses.

Whist it is important that our garments are on trend, unique, great value and high quality, it is also extremely important that we understand our customers.

I am proud to say that our teams in Australia, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom, Europe and Canada are the best in the world with a shared value to support our customers.

We love what we do and we love to see Orientique garments in your stores and on your customers.

Our Australian head quarters based in Cannon Hill, Brisbane is busy throughout the year. Lexi coordinating sales across 15 countries, Melinda (QLD), Nikola & Nina (One Summer) coming and going from visiting customers, and Brianna busy on the phone helping customers with queries and top ups. Meagan managing finances, Clair driving our operations, with Kerry on invoicing, and a team in the stock room picking orders daily - we are always a hive of activity.

Our state account managers focus on supporting our customers - Melinda (QLD), Sindhi (NSW), Meliza (VIC), Carolyn (SA), Nikola (One Summer) and Graeme (NZ) either in their respective showrooms or in customers’ stores.

Life as a state account manager is always busy particularly on the road. Some think working in fashion is glamorous. Just ask our team as they build and push a full clothing rack along a bumpy footpath when a gust of wind comes, we are blessed to have the team that makes Orientique Australia!

Orientique has been working out of India for more than 45 years. Nirmala (new retired) has worked for Orientique since we began in 1976. Our team in India has work together for almost 20 years.

Pankaj and Pooja oversee design, Swati our fitting specialist and Dau, CM and Kana our production. The Orientique India team of 16 continues to grow.

Many of our suppliers have worked with Orientique since the 1970’s. We are now working with the sons and daughters of the original factory owners.

Our India team share the same values - growth will come if we support our customers. We are committed to continue to do exactly this!

Carol, Lisa and Andy across the UK, Michiel and his team throughout Europe and Manish with a team across the US and Canada all share our focus.

At Orientique our focus is not, and never will be BIG business, rather we are a family of Australians, Indians, English, Canadians and Europeans that focus on supporting boutique businesses.

What makes Orientique different to most is more than 45 years of friendship, fights, challenges and team work between suppliers, printers, fabric mills and the Orientique team.

We are all proud to be part of the same Orientique family!

"We are living on the planet like we have another one to go to!"

Terri Swearingen

Orientique is committed to naturality!

Our cotton has the G.O.T.S (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification: this means Orientique Organic Cotton garments are made to the highest fabric quality standards.

Our fabric mills, suppliers and dedicated team in India work hard everyday to ensure we have access to the finest organic cotton fibres.

With Organic Cotton being less than 1% of the world’s cotton production, sourcing fabric takes serious planning, negotiation, and focus.

Orientique Rayon garments are created using Sustainable Rayon. All rayon fibres are sourced from FSC certified forests, this ensures that all timber used to create Orientique rayon comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economical benefits.

In fact every Orientique rayon garment can be traced back to the forest the fibre was sourced from.

Not only is sourcing organic cotton a challenge for most companies, so is maintaining price. In the last 12 months the price of organic cotton has increased up to 40%, primarily due to its demand vs. availability.

At Orientique we believe it shouldn’t cost more to do the right thing!

Our business focus is to ensure - you stay in business with the most fashionable collection of exclusive prints in natural fibres at the highest quality.

Welcome to Summer 2024!


Organic certification requires safe working conditions, NO child labour, and fair wages for workers.


A single NON Organic Cotton T-Shirt requires on average 2,700 litres of water to produce. Organic cotton uses up to 91% less water to produce.


NON Organic Cotton crops use an estimated $2 Billion of chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms each year. Certified Organic Cotton is not treated with any harmful products.Half of the $2 billion in chemicals and pesticides used in NON Organic Cotton are designated “TOXIC” by the World Health Organisation.

Orientique Art

An “Orientique” garment is different to most.

We produce fabrics to our specifications, fabric, weight and thread count.

We walk the streets and visit the fashion stores in every major country 6 months before our next season to ensure our collection is on trend.

Our print designs are created by us or our artists in Como, Milan, Paris and London.

Every Orientique print is unique and exclusive to Orientique.

Most are hand paintings or drawings we develop into digital art.

All our prints are screened by hand by artisans that cut screens for each and every colour in each print.

A typical 10 colour print will be hand screened up to 30,000 times to produce the fabric for an Orientique story.


Hand drawn by Orientique’s artists, inspired by the Kilim art of Turkey & Persia, abstract geometrics in vivid colours create the perfect summer look!


Hand drawn by Orientique’s artists. Japanese art is always a key inspiration at OQ. This season we bring you this montage of postcard and memories of Japan to create this special print mix!


Created exclusively by Orientique’s artists. Simple hand drawn Indian inspired paisley & traditional motifs, create a unique mix in 3 different prints!

El Paso

Hand drawn by Orientique’s artists. A vividly painted scenic Mexican desert landscape print, juxtaposed with fun Mexican motifs, for an unexpected mix. A signature OQ look!


Cotton is recognised as the “worlds dirtiest crop”.

97% of the worlds cotton is NON Organic. The seeds of which have been genetically modified to produce more and be impervious to chemicals.

25% of the worlds insecticides and 10% of the worlds pesticides are used on NON Organic Cotton.

In Organic Cotton the combination of NO toxic chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms with up to 91% less water consumption helps protect our planet.

The consumption of NON Organic Cotton releases approx. 220 million tonnes of greenhouse gas each year. Organic Cotton creates approx. 46% less CO2 emissions.

2.6% of the worlds water usage is used to produce NON Organic Cotton.

20% of the Worlds Freshwater pollution comes from textile treatment and dyeing.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service have estimated that pesticides unintentionally kill 67 million birds each year in the US.

As we conducted our research into the transition from Non Organic Cottons to Certified Organic Cottons it became evident that it was not a case of should we do this but how quickly we can do this!

A quote I read whilst researching the impact of chemicals & pesticide inspired me to work faster.

“We are living on the planet like we have another one to go to”

We can all make a difference. At Orientique we are proud of the direction we have taken, and are confident our commitment to naturality will support
our small business network of customers around the world.

We have more work to do but we won’t stop working on producing a better garment for you.

Tom Tindall


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